New Electorates

PNGEC Will Destroy Ballot Papers

He said when Parliament adopted the Electoral Boundaries Commission report in its last Parliament session in May and voted for creation of seven new electorates and have them certified to be included in the 2022 national elections, the ballot papers had already been printed based on the initial request to cover 111 electorates.

“Therefore, we had to seek Australia's assistance again through the Australian High Commission to cater for the increase in the number of Parliamentary seats and to reprint the ballot papers for seven affected electorates and seven new electorates.

Twenty-two New Electorates Proposed

The proposed new electorates are based on the submissions obtained during the Public Consultations to the provinces carried out by EBC from the 4th-23rd of July 2021.

Acting Commissioner for the Electoral Commission and Chairman of the Electoral Boundaries Commission, Simon Sinai said informing Papua New Guineans of the ‘Public Objections and Views of Proposed New Open Electorates’ is the second phase of the review for the 2021 review of electoral boundaries.