Electoral Boundaries Commission

Boundaries review must happen in 2019

Deputy Electoral Commissioner, John Kalamoro, says by law the review must be done every 10 years.

The next review is two tears overdue.

Kalamoro said the organic law allows for more than 89 open electorates but not more than 120.

He said the review of boundaries needs to be conducted immediately and 20-19 appears to be the best time because it is not too close to conduct the 2022 elections.

Electoral Boundaries Commission to be announced

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said this in parliament today.

He said the Electoral Boundaries Commission will look at dividing electorates that have big land masses, making it difficult for some District Development Authorities (DDAs) to cover.

The Prime Minister made the announcement when asked by Western Governor, Taboi Awi Yoto.

Governor Yoto said his province is the largest in the country and will need to be considered by the Commission for new boundaries.

Electoral Boundaries Commission to be resurrected

Minister for Inter-Government Relations, Kevin Isifu, said financial impediment has resulted in the closure of the commission for about a year or two.

Minister Isifu said financial constraint is the main concern that the Government will be looking into to resurrect the very important body within the Electoral Commission.

He said one of the main challenges as well was the location of the electorates.  

“Many electorates have raised the concern but because of funding constraints, work has been put on hold.”

New electorates to be ready by 2017 elections: PM

However, O’Neill said it will take a lengthy process.

He said the government has already established the Electoral Boundaries Commission which comes under the supervision of the Electoral Commissioner to look into the electoral boundaries.

“Once they visit all the electorates in the country, they will then report back to the government to make recommendations.”

He said the last electoral boundary report presented to parliament was in the last term of parliament that was rejected by Parliament because of some fault in the report.