National Statistical Office (NSO)

NSO releases population projections

This is according to the National Statistical Office (NSO) and United Nations Population Fund population projections for PNG, providing national and provincial population counts through to 2050 by age and sex.

The figures are based on the 2021 population modelled estimates which placed the population at 11.78 million. These figures can support in planning for the future needs of the country.

Stats vital for SDGs

Data collected gives clear development indicators, shows where a country stands and how well they are performing in terms of achieving the SDGs like poverty eradication and life expectancy rates.

In developing countries like PNG, accurate and reliable statistics systems barely exist and struggle to measure many of their indicators, many times using proxies to give estimates, says the National Statistical Office.

NSO says they and the government have a lot of work to do to improve the country’s administrative data.

NSO reform bridges gap

This means during this period, the government had no reliable statistics for Gross Domestic Product to measure the country’s economic performance and book-keeping for national accounts.

However, this gap is slowly being bridged under the National Statistical Office (NSO) Reform 2014-2019.

As per NEC’s decision 162 of 2014, NSO for the last 4 years has been under strict reformation to improve processes and statistics as well as building long-term capability to ensure the future of NSO.

The major achievement so far is the production of outstanding GDP reports.