Madang HIV stats alarming

Numbers of reported HIV and related sexually transmitted infections (STI) have subsequently increase since the beginning of the year. As of last month, 14 people have been diagnosed as living with HIV.

Dr. Susan Kima and her team are now conducting weekly outreach programs for residents and general public. After three successful outreach programs, a fourth setup was established at the Redscar Traffic Office. They intend to set up eight stations.

Stats vital for SDGs

Data collected gives clear development indicators, shows where a country stands and how well they are performing in terms of achieving the SDGs like poverty eradication and life expectancy rates.

In developing countries like PNG, accurate and reliable statistics systems barely exist and struggle to measure many of their indicators, many times using proxies to give estimates, says the National Statistical Office.

NSO says they and the government have a lot of work to do to improve the country’s administrative data.

NSO hopes to help improve country

According to the NSO, statistics are one of the most important objectives that will determine the strength of an economy in the country.

National statistician Roko Koloma, although under scrutiny on allegations of misappropriation, says this will not deter him from looking at these important agendas to help boost the country’s economy.