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Citizens will afford new MRI scanner at PMGH

The K4.5 million MRI scanner funded by the National Fisheries Authority to the Port Moresby General Hospital will be affordable to citizens.

Citizens will afford new MRI scanner at PMGH

“This would be a big help to the people of PNG.”

Port Moresby General Hospital chief radiologist, Dora Lenturut-Katal said this during the launch last week.

“It would be affordable and less than K500.”

“Prior to having the scanner, patients had to seek treatment from private hospitals in the country or overseas which was a costly exercise.”

NFA committed to assisting the health sector

Under its corporate social responsibility, NFA has provided funding assistance towards acquisition of basic lifesaving medical equipment for a number of hospitals in PNG.

There’re two forms of assistance that NFA provides for the health services in PNG as part of its corporate social obligations.

NFA does procurement of major medical equipment that are essential in major referral hospitals such as the one MRI scanner launched today at the Port Moresby General Hospital.

Public health system gets first MRI scanner

The K4.5 million project was funded by the National Fisheries Authority.

The GE 1.5 Tesla MRI scanner is one of the most advanced MRI scanners in its class in the world.

 A MRI scanner does not use radiation unlike a computed tomography (CT) scanner and is most suitable for the brain, spine, bones, joints and muscles.

Whereas a CT scanner is more suitable for the chest, heart, lymph nodes and blood vessels.