NFA committed to assisting the health sector

The National Fisheries Authority is committed to provide funding assistance towards the health sector in Papua New Guinea.

Under its corporate social responsibility, NFA has provided funding assistance towards acquisition of basic lifesaving medical equipment for a number of hospitals in PNG.

There’re two forms of assistance that NFA provides for the health services in PNG as part of its corporate social obligations.

NFA does procurement of major medical equipment that are essential in major referral hospitals such as the one MRI scanner launched today at the Port Moresby General Hospital.

NFA also provides assistance towards basic hospital equipment for which one would require at a health center to ensure especially the mothers and children’s health are monitored and attended to.

Minister for Fisheries and Marine Resources Mao Zeming said during the launch of the first MRI scanner for public health system, that affordable health care is one of the top priorities of the current Government.

“NFA will continue to provide assistance under its corporate social responsibility and community programs to support our effort to ensure people get affordable and better health care,” Zeming said.

Some notable funding are eco-cardiograph machine for the Sir Buri Kidu Heart Foundation worth K250, 000, heart and lung machine (K755,000) and MRI scanner (K5m) for POMGH, CT scan and mammography equipment for Cancer Unit at Angau Memorial Hospital (4, 371, 000).  

NFA has also provided funding assistance of about K500, 000 each for basic hospital equipment for Manus, Kundiawa, Modilon in Madang and Warawadidi Health Centre in Alotau. 

Quintina Naime