Citizens will afford new MRI scanner at PMGH

The K4.5 million MRI scanner funded by the National Fisheries Authority to the Port Moresby General Hospital will be affordable to citizens.

“This would be a big help to the people of PNG.”

Port Moresby General Hospital chief radiologist, Dora Lenturut-Katal said this during the launch last week.

“It would be affordable and less than K500.”

“Prior to having the scanner, patients had to seek treatment from private hospitals in the country or overseas which was a costly exercise.”

She said the MRI scanner comes under the subsidized specialist care, so fees will be considered in relation to this policy and that hospital management would discuss to come up with a fixed rate for patients who need MRI scans

She said however that any travelling expenses of patients from other provinces who will need an MRI scan depends on the hospital referring the patient and will not be charged to Port Moresby General Hospital.

 Lenturut-Katal adds that it is vital to have a proper referral system so that patients’ report could be done and sent back to the referring doctors in the provinces.

The MRI scan is a Government subsidised service and will be free to the public up until April.

Annette Kora