Mothers Day

GG: Support Women and Mothers

In his congratulatory message on the occasion of Mothers Day yesterday, Dadae described mothers as the pillar and foundation of a happy and prosperous family.

Dadae said, besides taking on household chores, mothers play an important role in nurturing life from infancy to adulthood.

“Most importantly, mothers process and are the shelter of life. Life begins in the womb of a woman (mothers). Life grows inside her and is taken care of by the woman. Without her, there is no sustained life,” The Governor-General said.

Motherhood: a never-ending job

In fact, no one is ever ready for motherhood.

Yet, it is a job one can never back out of, once you get in.

Pregnancy or adoption, one of which, is just the start to the rollercoaster ride till death do you part.

For mothers who fall pregnant, Sr Jayasree Kumar, the Director of Nurses (DoN) with Pacific International Hospital says, challenges start then.

 “From tiredness and morning sickness through to when you give birth, you begin experiencing the challenges of motherhood,” she says.

Britney Spears writes emotional Mother's Day letter to sons

Instead of being showered with love from Jayden and Preston, the singer has decided to pen an emotional letter dedicated to her two special boys.

"You are my masterpieces. From the day I saw the most precious eyes, I believed in miracles to the core," she wrote in a post published on Time magazine's website. "Such a gift God has given me, exploring in your beautiful worlds every day. I pray as a mother I teach you strength and passion to carry through the struggles in the world. Most battles will always be won on your knees. I pray you find your dreams."