GG: Support Women and Mothers

Governor-General Bob Dadae today paid tribute to women and mothers throughout the country and the work they do to support their husbands and families.

In his congratulatory message on the occasion of Mothers Day yesterday, Dadae described mothers as the pillar and foundation of a happy and prosperous family.

Dadae said, besides taking on household chores, mothers play an important role in nurturing life from infancy to adulthood.

“Most importantly, mothers process and are the shelter of life. Life begins in the womb of a woman (mothers). Life grows inside her and is taken care of by the woman. Without her, there is no sustained life,” The Governor-General said.

Dadae said, more needs to be done to support women and mothers and this must start at home.

“I want to encourage fathers and husbands to treat their wives and mothers with respect and care. Keep harassment and violence out of the family. Children must also respect their mothers and give them the necessary support they require to perform their roles as mothers. As the saying goes, behind every successful husband is a hardworking and supportive wife/mother. Likewise, behind every successful wife/mother is an understanding and supportive husband. Let us all support our women and mothers and do all we can to assure them of our love and appreciation every opportunity we get,” the Governor-General said. 

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