Police warn parents to be more vigilant

The NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Perou N’Dranou says that there were a number of sexual offences reported during the Christmas and Boxing Day period.

Superintendent N’Dranou said there have been continuous reports of sexual abuse of minors and futher called on parents to keep a close eye on their children, especially girls.

“I urge parents to continue to look after their children properly to suppress and prevent attacks on young children.”

He adds that such cases are becoming prevalent for young people in NCD.

When men can't have children, they suffer in silence

Last month it was revealed sperm concentrations in Western men have declined by more than 50 per cent over the past 40 years — with diet and environmental influences possibly to blame.

And despite an estimated one in 20 Australian men experiencing some kind of reproductive problem, men often suffer in silence when struggling to become dads.

Births to older moms rise as teen birth rate drops

The one thing missing: a baby.

Stacie Krajchir-Tom spent her 20s learning the ropes as a television producer and her 30s building her powerhouse career. By the time she reached her 40s, she was ready to start a family.

"Kris says it perfectly," Krajchir-Tom said of her husband, Kristopher Tom. "He says, 'We would have been fine without having a baby, but you wouldn't have been fine.' "

They tried for 17 years to have a baby. Now they have six

Adeboye and Ajibola Taiwo had tried for 17 years to start a family. Now, they're the parents of sextuplets -- three boys and three girls, all in good condition and absolutely adorable.

The babies were delivered by cesarean section at Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center in Richmond last week.

The count

For nearly two decades, Ajibola Taiwo, a native of Western Nigeria, and her husband Adeboye had tried but failed to conceive.

In November, they were elated to hear four heartbeats at their first ultrasound.

GG: Support Women and Mothers

In his congratulatory message on the occasion of Mothers Day yesterday, Dadae described mothers as the pillar and foundation of a happy and prosperous family.

Dadae said, besides taking on household chores, mothers play an important role in nurturing life from infancy to adulthood.

“Most importantly, mothers process and are the shelter of life. Life begins in the womb of a woman (mothers). Life grows inside her and is taken care of by the woman. Without her, there is no sustained life,” The Governor-General said.

A history of Mother's Day: From campaigns for peace to cards, flowers and family reunions

Some mums may be given cards, flowers and gifts, while others may enjoy breakfast in bed or a lunch out.

Mother's Day has long been a part of the Australian calendar, but where did the idea to dedicate the second Sunday in May to honouring motherhood come from?

The modern Australian celebration of Mother's Day actually grew out of calls for peace and anti-war campaigns following the American Civil War (1861-65).

Family mourns death of radio legend Roger Hau'ofa

The late radio legend from Tonga passed on peacefully at 11:42pm on Saturday at his wife’s village, Iare in Kairuku District, Central Province after suffering from a long illness.

He died from a chronic kidney failure which he suffered from for over a year.

As well as having kidney issues, he was also diabetic, had heart problems and high blood.

The late Hau’ofa leaves behind wife Pauline, nine children, about 20 grandchildren and one great grandchild.

He was 73 years old and had been broadcasting for over 50 years.

What's at stake for older dads?

Despite growing awareness of in-vitro fertilization and aging mothers -- such as Janet Jackson, who gave birth last month at 50 -- some of the science and social impacts of aging fathers are less clear. But that isn't deterring hopeful dads from growing their families.

Parents urged to pay attention to ‘your children’

It has been observed that Human Growth Hormone (HGH) in children is released in a manner directly proportional to the amount of caring attention the child receives.

If you’ve said she/he just wants attention, that statement is correct, because a child just wants attention and she/he legitimately needs it, as stated by Raising Small Souls.

But in this day and age, parents’ attention is diverted away from the children, set off by many things in their lives.

Parents miss out on what counts as important in the lives of the children.

Christmas a time for reflection: Polye

Opposition Leader Don Polye says that PNG has a family orientated culture that should draw from the family of Jesus.

He says that the story of our saviour’s birth should be focused on in terms of all the dreams and aspirations that the Virgin Mary and her husband Joseph had for their son Jesus.

PNG parents and guardians must bear in mind the growth and development of their child as well as what they aspire for them to be.