Christmas a time for reflection: Polye

The future belongs to young Papua New Guineans who must think about the type of future that their decisions will shape for the country.

Opposition Leader Don Polye says that PNG has a family orientated culture that should draw from the family of Jesus.

He says that the story of our saviour’s birth should be focused on in terms of all the dreams and aspirations that the Virgin Mary and her husband Joseph had for their son Jesus.

PNG parents and guardians must bear in mind the growth and development of their child as well as what they aspire for them to be.

Polye said that every baby born is important, that the child may grow up to be the PM, Opposition leader or more.

He challenged all Papua New Guineans to care for and give enough time to their family and especially their children.

He admits that he as a leader had failed his children due to work commitments and says that this is something that he aims to work on but reiterates that children are the way forward.

Adding that if all parents including himself gave ample time to kids that the children will grow up to be responsible citizens and rear the country to a better course.

Mothers must also be held high despite our male dominated cultures and Mr Polye called on people to realize this festive season that mothers were important , saying that without Mary, Jesus would not have been born.

Family responsibility is important and fathers and mothers must be intact and that a good society is born out of a good family, Polye says.

Julianna Waeda