Missing people

Boat carrying 6 goes missing

The boat, carrying four females and two males, was returning to Wewak on Saturday (March 4) after their betelnut sales run to Lorengau.

A Manus woman is amongst those missing while the rest are from Tarawai Island, Murik and Maprik in the East Sepik Province.

Acting provincial police commander, Senior Inspector David Yapu, told Loop PNG the missing boat was reported on Friday 10 March after it did not reach Wewak.

Facebook to post missing child alerts

The 'Child Rescue Alerts' will contain crucial information about the missing person and only be visible to those in the area where they were last seen.

Users will be able to share these notifications with anyone in their network to further increase the odds of the child's safe return.

Facebook will only display a Rescue Alert if the child's life is in danger or if they are believed to be at risk of harm.

Over 400 still missing from capsized cruise ship in China

The vessel capsized in the storm Monday night with 458 people aboard, touching off a frantic rescue effort. At least 15 people were brought to safety, including three pulled from the overturned hull Tuesday, and five people were confirmed dead.

The vessel was carrying mostly elderly tourists from Nanjing to the southwestern city of Chongqing when it overturned in China's Hubei Province.