Facebook to post missing child alerts

Facebook wants to use its massive user base as a force for good, and the world's biggest social network has teamed up with the Missing People charity to broadcast lost child alerts in the UK.

The 'Child Rescue Alerts' will contain crucial information about the missing person and only be visible to those in the area where they were last seen.

Users will be able to share these notifications with anyone in their network to further increase the odds of the child's safe return.

Facebook will only display a Rescue Alert if the child's life is in danger or if they are believed to be at risk of harm.

"While we of course hope that we don't have to use this system, this partnership with Facebook will make a huge difference in extending the number of eyes and ears on the ground when the worst happens," said Missing People's CEO Jo Youle.

Amid concerns that the introduction of a 'Dislike' button could bring needless negativity to Facebook, the firm has added a feature that can only be seen as positive.