Minister for Public Services

Public servants’ pay rise to be implemented

The payments will be made in phases following an approved implementation schedule to manage the cash flow constraints by the Government.

Minister for Public Services, Westly Nukundj, has confirmed that the 3 percent pay increase has an implementation schedule that is fair and affordable and was agreed upon by the Budget Management Committee and approved by the National Executive Council in its Decision No.102/2018.

The schedule was to pay two fortnights back pay every pay day on top of the normal salary, which commenced in April 2019.

Alarming expenditure on ‘ghost names’

Minister for Public Services, Westley Nukundj, confirmed the alarming expenditure recently and demanded answers from the management team of the Department of Personnel Management to find the cause and put a stop to ‘ghost names’ on the payroll.

Minister Nukundj has initiated the process of fixing the ongoing issue of payroll overrun that has been a concern for past and present Governments.

He said the Government is emphasising on the PPP concept and that is ‘one person gets paid for doing one job for one position (PPP)’.

Kapavore addresses resignation rumours

Kapavore, who is also the Pomio MP, said he is content with the role he is currently playing and pledged his loyalty to serve the current government.

He told this newsroom that there are many issues affecting the service delivery systems and should be addressed seriously.

Minister Kapavore further said apart from the Waigani politics, his people deserve his commitment and service to them.

Minister clarifies appointment of agriculture boss

It was alleged on social media that Minister for Planning Richard Maru orchestrated the appointment by appointing a candidate not in the top three list of candidates.

When contacted by this newsroom, Maru said the selections of the appointment of the Secretary for Agriculture were done by the Department of Public Services. He added that he had nothing to do with the appointment.

Minister Kapavore has also lashed out at critics on social media, urging them to refrain from issuing misleading information.