Minister clarifies appointment of agriculture boss

Minister for Public Services, Elias Kapavore, has brushed aside allegations on the appointment of the Secretary for Agriculture.

It was alleged on social media that Minister for Planning Richard Maru orchestrated the appointment by appointing a candidate not in the top three list of candidates.

When contacted by this newsroom, Maru said the selections of the appointment of the Secretary for Agriculture were done by the Department of Public Services. He added that he had nothing to do with the appointment.

Minister Kapavore has also lashed out at critics on social media, urging them to refrain from issuing misleading information.

It was alleged that Minister Maru picked his own ‘countryman’, Potaisa Hombunaka, who was not even selected and even in the top 10, to be the only candidate recommended by the Ministerial Executive Appointment Committee to NEC.

Minister Kapavore told this newsroom that the allegations involving Minister Maru in the appointment were not true.

He added that the MEAC makes recommendations to NEC based on a merit-based selection criteria.

Minister Kapavore reiterated that the Public Service trusts the process in ensuring that fit and proper persons are appointed.

He said they cannot compromise the integrity of the process.

Kapavore further said for now, the MEAC recommendation is awaiting NEC decision.

He assured the public that they have followed due process.

(Minister for Public Services, Elias Kapavore)

Freddy Mou