Westley Nukundj

Minister Nukundj warns ICA officers

Minister for Immigration and Border Security, Wesley Nukundj raised this in a public statement released by his office today.

Nukundj is concerned about the security of the investigation team, that’s looking into the fake visa syndicate.

He said the team must be protected at all times.

His statement follows the cancelling of a recent trip by the joint operation team to Central and Gulf provinces.

Minister Nukundj also said any ad hoc operation that interferes with potential suspects or jeopardizes the investigation will not be tolerated.

Public service audit underway

Minister for Public Service Westley Nukundj made this response after Member for Nuku, Joe Sungi, asked him what plans he had in place in identifying relevant public service positions and ensure people were being paid for actually doing work.

Alarming expenditure on ‘ghost names’

Minister for Public Services, Westley Nukundj, confirmed the alarming expenditure recently and demanded answers from the management team of the Department of Personnel Management to find the cause and put a stop to ‘ghost names’ on the payroll.

Minister Nukundj has initiated the process of fixing the ongoing issue of payroll overrun that has been a concern for past and present Governments.

He said the Government is emphasising on the PPP concept and that is ‘one person gets paid for doing one job for one position (PPP)’.