Minister for Agriculture and Livestock

Interest In Agriculture Lacking: Simon

He expressed his fears when addressing a coffee meeting in Banz in Jiwaka Province last Friday February 4 2022. Minister Simon told the meeting that a case in point was coffee, a commodity currently enjoying high world prices, but the production in PNG was not increasing.

“We are growing a generation that is just not interested in agriculture and this is very dangerous for this country and one day we will lose this country.

“This is why I am travelling all over the country and promoting agriculture, as I am so passionate about this country,” he said.

Gov’t committed in reviving old plantations

Minister for Agriculture and Livestock, John Simon made these remarks during a meeting with Wahgi Mek shareholders and Jiwaka Governor, Dr William Tongamp, in Banz on Friday Feb 4, 2022.

He said it is in the best interest of Jiwaka and Papua New Guinea that the rundown Wahgi Mek Plantations are revived.

Wahgi Mek Ltd is jointly owned by South Wahgi LLG, North Wahgi LLG and Hunter Richard Hagon. It was once the single biggest coffee exporter in the country until it ceased operations due to landowner disputes.

Jama Farmers Boosted

He made the announcement following the presentation of 5000 poly bags for cocoa nursery to the villagers. Minister Simon presented the cocoa bags to the locals during his visit to the village on Tuesday, 4th January 2022. 

He said the farmers would be able to source cocoa seedlings from this nursery free and grow on their land. Minister Simon urged the locals, especially youths to work hard and produce best quality cocoa, adding that the current price for wet beans sits at K3 per kilo. 

VIDEO: CBB frightening

This is so that there is enough money to continue the fight in containing the destructive Coffee Berry Borer.
In the words of the new Minister for Agriculture and Livestock, Benny Allan, the situation has become frightening.
It now comes down to getting more funding to get the necessary measures in place to stop the pest from reaching other coffee growing regions.


Salome Vincent with more 

​Frozen chicken from Malaysia safe: Minister

Minister for Agriculture and Livestock, Tommy Tomscoll, said: “The importation was allowed after a careful and comprehensive risk assessment process, which actually started in 2006 when the importer first requested market access chicken meat from Malaysia.

“NAQIA is the only mandated Government biosecurity authority and is mindful of the current animal health status of PNG and makes every effort to maintain that status, albeit with limited government support.