FFA calls for action to address human elements of IUU Fishing

The action would also unveil the “persons of interest” behind IUU fishing.

FFA Director General, Dr Manu Tupou-Roosen made the call when speaking online to the recent Chatham House International Forum on IUU Fishing.

The Forum was hosted online in London from 18-22 May 2020 and was attended by global policymakers, researchers, industry representatives and civil society groups from across the world.

The keynote speech concentrated on the human elements of illegal, unregulated and unreported (IUU) fishing, with a focus on observers, crew and “Persons of Interest”.

PNG’s border security laws to be strengthened

Minister for Immigration and Border Security, Westley Nukundj, made this know whilst issuing a warning to foreigners who are conducting illegal businesses in the country.

Nukundj has committed to enforcing the warning issued by Prime Minister James Marape to penalise those foreigners who continue to violate the migration law and policies of PNG.

The Department of Immigration and Border Security, as one of the lead agencies of governance, will manage, monitor and support the Government to implement its “Take Back PNG” slogan.

Community removes illegal power connections

This is the first time a community has taken the step to remove illegal connections in their area. Most of the time, PNG Power engages police force during disconnection exercises in centres around the country.

This disconnection exercise began on 04 September 2018, and will continue into other neighbouring villages in the Gehemo Council Ward until all illegal connections are identified and removed.

Over 1,300 illicit materials burnt

The Office of Censorship, in partnership with the National Drug and Vice Squad and members of the Boroko Magisterial Services, also set fire to more than 9.5 kilograms of marijuana.

The illicit materials were confiscated by the Enforcement & Compliance Division of the Office of Censorship in their daily operations.

The marijuana destroyed was confiscated by the National Drug and Vice Squad and some were taken from the exhibits of the Boroko Magisterial Services.

Drugs openly sold

A 2006 research by the University of Queensland, Australia, reported an alarming increase in the level of cannabis abuse and recommended a range of strategies to prevent adverse physical and mental health consequences associated with cannabis smoking.

Over a decade later, the cultivation, production and selling of the illegal drug has now become a regular job for a number of men, youths and even women.

​Counting of boxes allowed despite video evidence

Gamato in a media conference yesterday afternoon in Port Moresby said only one of the six ballot boxes, which have allegations of foul play raised, will be put aside during the election counting.  

“According to observations by the State Legal Team for Jiwaka, for the first six disputed ballot boxes, there is some form of evidence in the form of amateur video footage for only one ballot box, which is for Kendu 1 polling place.

“The boxes from these polling venues of Bolba 1, Bolba 2, Tolu 1, Tolu 2, and Kendu 2 will be counted

​Frozen chicken from Malaysia safe: Minister

Minister for Agriculture and Livestock, Tommy Tomscoll, said: “The importation was allowed after a careful and comprehensive risk assessment process, which actually started in 2006 when the importer first requested market access chicken meat from Malaysia.

“NAQIA is the only mandated Government biosecurity authority and is mindful of the current animal health status of PNG and makes every effort to maintain that status, albeit with limited government support.

Momentum gathers for international agreement to combat rogue fishing

Growing numbers of countries are ratifying an international agreement to combat illegal fishing, fueling interest in how best to implement the instrument.

Illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing is estimated to strip between $10 billion and $23 billion from the global economy, and its impacts undermines the way fish stocks are managed to make it a double concern around the world.