Case against alleged robber struck out

Public Prosecutors today informed the Waigani National Court, they will not proceed with the case against Wille Allan, of Bereina, Central province.

His case was struck out after a statement (Nolle Prosequi) was presented before Justice George Manuhu.

Allan was charged with one count of conspiring to commit a crime, aggregate robbery and receiving stolen properties.

He allegedly conspired with Paul Steven and Ricky Antio (both now serving time in Bomana) between 1 September 2013 and 5 October 2013 to commit a crime (rob MayBank).

Court rejects Maybank robber's request

While all his co-accuseds’ cases have been committed to the Waigani National Court for trial, Willie Allan’s case remains at the District court, three years on after he first appeared.

Allan, who was charged with receiving stolen properties, armed robbery and conspiring with others to commit a crime appeared on Friday at the Waigani Committal Court.

Currently remanded at Bomana, Magistrate Cosmas Bidar said his case has unfortunately taken this long in court because Allan had earlier escaped custody before he was captured.

BPNG: G4S robbery cash is safe

The bank confirmed the status of the cash monies through a number of affidavits produced in court on Wednesday, after an order was issued by Justice Panuel Mogish on Tuesday to have the Governor of BPNG inform the court through an affidavit of the status of the monies.

The bank through its officers did not indicate the exact figure or cash it had in custody but stated the monies are safe.