Court rejects Maybank robber's request

A man who was allegedly involved in the K5.9 million Maybank robbery by G4S security guards in 2013 is still attending court hearing at the Waigani District Court.

While all his co-accuseds’ cases have been committed to the Waigani National Court for trial, Willie Allan’s case remains at the District court, three years on after he first appeared.

Allan, who was charged with receiving stolen properties, armed robbery and conspiring with others to commit a crime appeared on Friday at the Waigani Committal Court.

Currently remanded at Bomana, Magistrate Cosmas Bidar said his case has unfortunately taken this long in court because Allan had earlier escaped custody before he was captured.

A police hand-up brief or his investigation files were served on him prior to his escape.

However, when appearing in court on Friday, the court was told it has not received any submissions from any lawyer regarding his case.

Police prosecution was told to locate a file in its office before the case returns on Nov 11.

Allan first appeared in court on Oct 23,2015.

He told the court his case had taken so long and requested to be remanded at the Waigani Police holding cells so he can communicate with his family in finding a lawyer and his files.

Police prosecution objected to his request saying he earlier escaped custody while being held at the Boroko cells on the same request; to have access to see and talk to his family members regarding his case.

This request for one week was refused by the court.

He was instead allowed to be brought to Waigani for only two days.

 Others who were also allegedly involved in the Maybank robbery whose cases have been committed to the National Court are Thomas Karo, Ricky Antio, Paul Stevens, Samson Banaso, Casper Louis, Bore Burom, Alphonse Samson, Hubert Korede, Stewart, Korina, Gelison William and Sonix Alowale.

Thomas Karo and Ricky Antio have pleaded guilty for the allegations against them. They are now waiting for their sentencing.

Bore Burom, Alphonse Samson, Hubert Korede, Stewart, Korina and Sonix Alowale have had Pre-Trial Review statements filed by the state and their lawyers  in their respective cases.

They will be tried together and a date for that will be confirmed after all court document work is complete before the National Court.

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Sally Pokiton