Mass burial

Mass Burial For Unclaimed Bodies

The mass burial came after a number of COVID-19 deaths reported in the country. National Pandemic Response Controller, David Manning, had authorised for the mass burial with the assistance from National Capital District Commission.

Two months earlier, the Port Moresby General Hospital (PMGH) Management raised concern of the mortuary capacity and that it was overflowing. 

According to Director for Curative Health, Dr Kone Sobi, there are currently in excess of 300 bodies. 

Mass burial to relieve overflowing Papua New Guinea morgue as COVID cases surge

Papua New Guinea authorities have approved a mass burial to take pressure off Port Moresby’s hospital morgue where bodies are stacked on top of each other as COVID-19 cases surge.

The burial of more than 200 bodies comes as health teams around the country report being attacked as they took part in vaccination programs.