National Capital District Provincial Health Authority (NCDPHA)

Mass burial at NCD

Director of Medical Services at Port Moresby General Hospital, Dr. Koni Sobi said there are currently 295 unclaimed bodies of the deceased at the hospital morgue.

Director of Medical Services at Port Moresby General Hospital Dr. Koni Sobi said there were 92 unclaimed bodies and body parts, which were at the morgue from March – July 2022. These were buried today.

Dr Kobi said last year they did just one mass burial for unclaimed bodies brought to the morgue between January and March of 2022.

NCDPHA and PMGH discuss mortuary issue

NCD PHA CEO Dr. Steven Yennie is aware that the mortuary is full and can no longer accommodate dead bodies.

“As a responsible Health Authority, we have advised NCDC and management,” Dr Yennie said.

“The pressing issue is how do we make sure we address the bodies outside the layout area at the mortuary. Those discussions will be subjected to PMGH Management team discussing with NCDC,” he added.

Dr. Yennie said the NCDPHA will purchase container size coolers and conduct a mass burial as part of its short term plan to address the situation. 

NCDPHA reviews Budget

This was highlighted in a two-day workshop to discuss and present experiences and issues from various centres in NCD to make sure the budget for 2023 is used only for key areas.

Consultant, Pascoe Kase, as a guest speaker yesterday at the first session of the meeting said the 2023 Budget must be worked on accordingly to priorities and work with the limited funds given through the National Budget, which was passed on 29 November 2022 in Parliament.

NCDPHA meet to review performance

Directors, board members, and senior management gathered for the two-day meeting that will end tomorrow.

The meeting is to share experiences, ideas and struggles to work together to solve the issue and work towards future activities.

NCDPHA Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Steven Yennie stated that the purpose of the meeting was to share experiences from all OICs, directors, and management from different PHA centres for the first time since its inception in 2020.

NCDPHA commend APIASETS graduates

The Institute certified 9 Business Study Students, 13 Community Health workers from the School of Health Science and 10 graduated with a Diploma in General Nursing. 

Guest of honour was CEO of NCD Provincial Health Authority and Gerehu General Hospital, Dr. Steven Yennie, who came with NCDPHA Director for Curative Health Dr. Michael Dokup.

The Director of the Institute, Thomas Pila was a proud man seeing a successful graduation of young men and women who would not have made it if not for the second chance given to them.  

Everyday People: Alphonse Rai’ava

He is one of the team leaders in the frontline advocacy team for the COVID-19 vaccine awareness program. His group has been doing very good advocacy work in the Port Moresby South settlement communities.

The National Capital District Provincial Health Authority (NCDPHA) have engaged Rai’ava and his group for COVID-19 vaccine rollout program in the communities. They are part of the Risk Communication & Community Engagement Team, which informs and educates the communities about the pandemic and benefits of vaccination and other health and hygiene messages.