Markham valley

Overwhelming support for Markham LOs

In a statement, PNG Biomass said people were interested to learn more about the delays with the PNG Biomass project that the landowners raised.

The PNG Biomass project is currently experiencing two key delays that are keeping the project from proceeding with a final investment decision to commence construction of the power plant.

“The first delay encountered is an ongoing discussion with PNG Power over changes to the power tariff agreed in the Power Purchasing Agreement (PPA) they signed with PNG Biomass in 2015,” PNG Biomass explained.

Markham LOs question Govt

Both parties signed the power purchasing agreement in 2015 followed by the recent issuing of the generation licence.

Under this agreement, the Government agreed to bring 30 megawatts of biomass energy to the Ramu grid however, that is yet to eventuate.

Landowners claim the government’s proposal for a coal-fired power generation is the reason for the delay.

The landowners are in Port Moresby at the moment to pursue their concerns with the Minister for Energy, Sam Basil, and Minister for Treasury, Charles Abel.

Trukai project on target

In a statement the company said it has made steady progress since 2015 to deliver the project.

In August 2017, Trukai announced that it was working with a local land group in the Markham valley, Morobe Province, to grow over 500 hectares of rain-fed rice.

Rice development manager, Humphrey Saese, said significant progress has been made to establish a long-term lease of land for the expansion while additional opportunities for the establishment of irrigated production are also being assessed.

PNG Biomass project taking shape

Basically the project aims to create electricity out of steam from wood.

On Tuesday the company released a snapshot of what its power generation plant will look like.

“The power plant’s generation capacity will be provided by two 15 megawatt electric (MWe) power plant units, comprised of 2x18 MW steam boilers and 2x18 MW steam turbines.

“Each 18MW boiler unit will be about 34 metres tall and will use stoker-grate technology, which is a robust design suitable for PNG conditions,” said OSL.

Morobe cult group being investigated

 Morobe police commander Kaiglo Ambane told PNG Loop that the 2 women and 3 men were found wondering disorientated along the main highway.

The group were part of an alleged wondering group that was chased by villagers at 8 mile from their camp on Sunday night.

The villagers became disgruntled after some of their youths reported that the teachings of the group to the police.

PPC Ambane says that the group caught the attention of the community after they were trying to recruit members over the past two weeks.