PNG Biomass

Power plant site cleared

The formal ‘go-ahead’ has been delayed several times due to a time-consuming process with the PNG Government to deliver on their commitments to progress the project. Once the PNG government resolves the final outstanding matters, Oil Search can move the project swiftly into construction to bring 30 megawatt of renewable, affordable and clean energy to the Ramu grid and Lae businesses.

Michael Henson, Project Director of PNG Biomass, notes that it is important not to forget the project also brings significant sustainable development to the region.

Govt, LO's support PNG Biomass Project

This includes the PNG Biomass Project, according to Deputy Prime Minister and National Planning Minister, Sam Basil.

Geophysical investigations complete: PNG Biomass

The purpose of the geotechnical investigation was to design robust and appropriate earthworks and foundations to hold the structure of the power plant. It involved drilling bore holes, collection of core samples, performing Cone Penetrations Test (CPT), and the installation of a piezometer down hole to measure groundwater pressure.

PNG Biomass shares insights on affordable power

Project Director of PNG Biomass, Michael Henson, said this during an information breakfast hosted by the Lae Chamber of Commerce at the Lae International Hotel on Monday.

During the session, Henson explored the challenges that small island developing states face in powering their economies with affordable electricity. Addressing cost, scale, demand and reliability, he provided a rough outline of how countries like Papua New Guinea can develop a pathway to affordable and, ultimately, cheap power.

Unitech students assisted in thesis project

In February 2018, PNG Biomass received an enquiry from Papua New Guinea University of Technology (Unitech) final year mechanical engineering students, Simanibu Waram and Percy Wariambu, asking for a thesis project to help PNG Biomass with.

Paul Mesa, Engineering Coordinator at PNG Biomass, received the request and commended the students for their initiative and pro-active stance in approaching local businesses to find a meaningful thesis project.

Overwhelming support for Markham LOs

In a statement, PNG Biomass said people were interested to learn more about the delays with the PNG Biomass project that the landowners raised.

The PNG Biomass project is currently experiencing two key delays that are keeping the project from proceeding with a final investment decision to commence construction of the power plant.

“The first delay encountered is an ongoing discussion with PNG Power over changes to the power tariff agreed in the Power Purchasing Agreement (PPA) they signed with PNG Biomass in 2015,” PNG Biomass explained.

Powering Ramu Grid with renewable energy

He said PNG Biomass, the country’s most preeminent biomass project established in the Markham Valley of Morobe province, is a 30 megawatt (MW) initiative to contribute to the electrification of PNG to transition to renewable energy.

Henson said the renewable energy produced by PNG Biomass is priced mostly in Kina with a fixed real price over 25 years.