Marijuana drugs

Seven people busted for drugs

The suspects were caught by police during a road block at Eight-Mile in Port Moresby after traveling along the Hiritano Highway from Tapini on a PMV.

Gordon’s police confirmed that the men and woman were carrying dried marijuana stuffed in three 50kg bags of vegetables.

Police say they had walked from their village in Goilala before getting on the PMV along the highway.

The drugs were taken to the Gordons Police Station along with the criminals before they were brought to the drug unit to be weighed.

The suspects are now in police custody.

Security guard nabbed with marijuana package

Provincial Police Commander Jim Namora says the package had come unaccompanied from the flight and a Guard Dog Security officer had gone in to pick up the package and was apprehended while on his way out with it.

PPC Namora says police had received a tip off from someone who wished to remain anonymous and was waiting in the airport terminal to see who the recipient of the package was.

Break through in drugs fight in Chimbu

The team, under field commander detective Yatefa Welis has conducted random operations since 2012 all over the rugged province, uprooting marijuana plants and making arrests.

More than 300 arrests have been made so far with nearly 200 now locked behind bars.

The drug operations took off when marijuana became a major law and order and social issue in the country.

Last week the team which is funded by the Provincial Government raided Migai village about four kilometres outside Kundiawa town on Thursday.