Security guard nabbed with marijuana package

Kimbe police seized more than 24Kg of marijuana over the weekend which had flown in from Lae, Morobe Province by PNG Air.

Provincial Police Commander Jim Namora says the package had come unaccompanied from the flight and a Guard Dog Security officer had gone in to pick up the package and was apprehended while on his way out with it.

PPC Namora says police had received a tip off from someone who wished to remain anonymous and was waiting in the airport terminal to see who the recipient of the package was.

He says the street value for a 24 Kg of marijuana would be around K 300,000 and says the drug shipment through the use of air and water transport are starting to become more regular in Kimbe.

An appeal has been made by police to the general public of anyone with information  of any law enforcers being involved in such illegal activities  to be reported to his office or a senior officer in the police station. Their names will remain anonymous for their own safety. 

Annette Kora