drug raid

Guam prison officers arrested in police drug raid

The Guam Daily Post reported a Department of Corrections lieutenant and three corrections officers were amoung five government workers arrested in several raids this morning.

A Department of Public Works officer was also among those arrested and a fifth corrections officer was being held in custody while investigations continued.

The officials have been charged with offences including bribery, official misconduct and conspiracy to promote prison contraband.

Break through in drugs fight in Chimbu

The team, under field commander detective Yatefa Welis has conducted random operations since 2012 all over the rugged province, uprooting marijuana plants and making arrests.

More than 300 arrests have been made so far with nearly 200 now locked behind bars.

The drug operations took off when marijuana became a major law and order and social issue in the country.

Last week the team which is funded by the Provincial Government raided Migai village about four kilometres outside Kundiawa town on Thursday.