Late Susuve Laumaea

‘He was a great writer’

Attending the funeral of the Late Susuve Laumaea on Friday, the Prime Minister said he had a long working relationship with Laumaea, having first met him in the 1980s.

“One of the many talents that he had was of course communications,” the Prime Minister said.

“He was a great writer and the standards he has set in journalism in this country are beyond a lot of the writing we have today.

“His writing was always fair, factual and always well researched, and that is how Susuve and many others have touched lives during that era.

Media fraternity, family and friend farewell Late Susuve Laumaea

On Wednesday another champion of the media and fighter for Press Freedom - the Late Oseah Philemon (OP) - was farewelled at the Sione Kami Memorial Church.

The Late OP’s body was flown to Lae on Thursday where another funeral services was given before he will be laid to rest in his village of Labu on Sunday.

Both veteran journalists – Late Philemon and Late Laumaea - died days apart from each other. 

Sus as he was popularly known, died on Monday Dec 20, while OP died on Christmas Eve on Saturday Dec 24.

O’Neill describes late Susuve Laumaea as great writer of his times

Speaking at the funeral service today at the Sir Kami Memorial Church in Port Moresby, O’Neill said late Susuve was a very unique journalist who always did research before writing his stories and always get along easily with his peers.

He said many journalists in this current era lack balanced stories and are not fair compare to past journalists in the likes of late Susuve and his peers in that era.

O’Neill said the late Susuve was also an adviser and contributed to many policies implemented by the past and current government.

Media Council pays tribute to late journalists

The late Laumaea and Philemon set the benchmarks in writing critical public commentary and promoting uncompromising journalism in their careers.

Media Council of Papua New Guinea (MCPNG) President Alexander Rheeney said journalism in PNG was flying and the profession earned the respect of citizens when the two veteran journalists were in the twilight of their careers.

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PM O’Neill pays tribute to two outstanding media icons

PM O’Neill pays tribute to two outstanding media icons

“It is with great sadness that our nation ends the year with news of the passing of two newsmen who were respected and celebrated around Papua New Guinea.

“The Late Susuve Laumaea and the Late Oseah Philemon each made great contributions to the communication of essential information to our people.

“It was a shock to learn of the passing of both of these men.

“I wish to extend condolences and sympathies, on behalf of the Government and the nation, to the families of these outstanding communicators.