PM O’Neill pays tribute to two outstanding media icons

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill today paid tribute to two outstanding journalists - the Late Susuve Laumaea and the Late Oseah Philemon in a media statement.

“It is with great sadness that our nation ends the year with news of the passing of two newsmen who were respected and celebrated around Papua New Guinea.

“The Late Susuve Laumaea and the Late Oseah Philemon each made great contributions to the communication of essential information to our people.

“It was a shock to learn of the passing of both of these men.

“I wish to extend condolences and sympathies, on behalf of the Government and the nation, to the families of these outstanding communicators.

“The Late Susuve Laumaea proudly worked for the Office of the Prime Minister, and had a long-time commitment to serving the nation through his support for the People’s National Congress Party.

“Susuve was very much involved in the communication of policies that have changed our nation and touched the lives of millions.

“Our Tuition Fee Free education policy, universal healthcare, improvements to law and order, and the rebuilding of national infrastructure have required extensive communication with our people.

“Susuve was an essential part of our team that communicated these changes to our people.

“I thank him for his companionship and his dedication to Papua New Guinea.

“Susuve will always be remembered in the history of the People’s National Congress Party.

“The Late Oseah Philemon was a man of great stature in journalism in Papua New Guinea.

“He was a man who understood the politics of our nation as well as any journalist or editor, and he maintained neutrality in his coverage.

“Oseah made an enormous contribution to the media freedom that we enjoy today in Papua New Guinea.

“Our democracy is better for the efforts of the Late Oseah Philemon and all who have stood beside him to ensure a free media.

“He was highly respected by his peers and many journalists learned their profession under his strong guidance.

“May God rest the souls of these two proud and respected Papua New Guineans.”

Picture of Late Oseah Philemon courtesy of Post-Courier

Picture of Late Susuve Laumaea courtesy of Malum Nalu  

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