O’Neill describes late Susuve Laumaea as great writer of his times

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has describe the veteran journalist late Susuve Laumaea as a great writer who set a standard in journalism in the country and have contributed a lot to the nation building.

Speaking at the funeral service today at the Sir Kami Memorial Church in Port Moresby, O’Neill said late Susuve was a very unique journalist who always did research before writing his stories and always get along easily with his peers.

He said many journalists in this current era lack balanced stories and are not fair compare to past journalists in the likes of late Susuve and his peers in that era.

O’Neill said the late Susuve was also an adviser and contributed to many policies implemented by the past and current government.

“We look forward in working with the families and colleagues of what Susuve has left behind.

“I know Susuve has left us but he has left behind so many circle of friends that will last forever.”

“The Late Susuve Laumaea proudly worked for the Office of the Prime Minister, and had a long-time commitment to serving the nation through his support for the People’s National Congress Party.

“Susuve was very much involved in the communication of policies that have changed our nation and touched the lives of millions.

He added that late Susuve will always be remembered in the history of the People’s National Congress Party.

O’Neill further thanked his family for raising such a notable person who have contributed so much to this great nation.

The late Susuve has been laid to rest today at the Nine-Mile cemetery in Port Moresby.


Freddy Mou