Kumul Susa

Raymond Waloloki brings Culture Fusion

The idea however is not new as it was with the Sanguma band of Papua New Guinea bringing the jazz fusion years ago.

This time, music producer Raymond Waloloki is fusing traditional beats unique to Papua New Guinea with trendy music.  

Waloloki is dAdiigii’s long-time producer.

Thus, his music style was first heard in dAdiigii’s Kumul Susa - the official song for the 2016 FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup.

The four minutes and three seconds long song features over 16 different indigenous instruments.

dAdiigii: Two more songs for the international market

He says Till the Kingdom come and End Times have already been recorded under the Chin Hoi Min label and should be released in the coming months.

Considering the international market Till the Kingdom come takes on the pop mix culture fusion genre and End Times will bring back the root reggae.

Both songs are expected to be hits as soon as released and carry strong messages embedded in each.

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Kumul Susa gives dAdiigii his international break

The local artist and song writer admits it took one year to perfect the song that’s only four minutes and three seconds long.

Being the official song for FIFA U20 Women's World Cup, dAdiigii says he had to thread very carefully.

“Everything had to be approved by FIFA, so over the year, we constantly had to change the lines and words to be more appropriate.

“It was very challenging. I spent a lot of late nights because my head had to be totally clear to get something fresh and unique,” he says.

New World Cup official song released

Masani and Dadiigii performed the song for the first time at the opening ceremony of the Fan Zone last Saturday, November 12.

The song, which was written by Dadiigii, features over 16 different indigenous instruments and 4 different local dialects.

The song is mainly sung in English and Tok Pisin.

All this has been blended with a more modern pop sound in order to create a song that will resonate with an international audience whilst still showcasing the uniqueness of PNG.