Jay Liesi

dAdiigii: Two more songs for the international market

He says Till the Kingdom come and End Times have already been recorded under the Chin Hoi Min label and should be released in the coming months.

Considering the international market Till the Kingdom come takes on the pop mix culture fusion genre and End Times will bring back the root reggae.

Both songs are expected to be hits as soon as released and carry strong messages embedded in each.

NCD youths aim to make city safe

Corresponding with the launch of the “Sanap Wantaim” campaign launch last Friday, a photo contest was also announced to boost support towards the launch of the “New Normal” in Port Moresby.

The contest is open to everyone. However, the picture must promote a new normal where women and girls are respected and feel safe to be able to claim the public spaces of the city as their own.

Contestants are encouraged to write a piece of less than 250 words to accompany the photo.

Sanap Wantaim calls for partners

The campaign, “Sanap Wantaim” (Stand Together), seeks to bring men and women, boys and girls as allies and partners in making the city of Port Moresby safe for everyone.

The campaign is established to rally men and boys throughout the city to stand side by side with women and girls as partners and allies seeking to make the city safe for women and girls and inspire awareness and advocacy to action.