Joseph Tabali

​ENB polls: Two arrested for impersonation

The first arrest was made on Monday when a man from Kaintiba, Morobe, tried to vote under a deceased’s name.

Polling team 20 at Tokiala Plantation, Gazelle Open Electorate, were on the ground when police were called in to arrest Lawrence Nondaseth, says provincial police boss Joseph Tabali.

Nondaseth was arrested and charged for impersonation by the Criminal Investigation Department.

The second incident occurred at Vunamami LLG, Kokopo district, under the watch of team 46.

​No need for curfews in ENB: PPC

“Based on past experiences, there were no problems at all,” ENB provincial police commander, Joseph Tabali, told Loop PNG.

However, he is anticipating a few issues from Kokopo, especially during the counting period.

“Rabaul and Gazelle were okay during their candidates’ forum (during the campaign period). But for Kokopo, other candidates and supporters started intimidating their rivals. This happened while candidates were on stage, presenting their party platforms.”

VIDEO: Detained soldiers leave suspended

This comes after three serving defence force soldiers allegedly associated themselves with a political candidate.


Meredith Kuusa reports


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Schnaubelt threatens to sue ENB PPC

This pertains to the incident involving his security firm staff over the weekend.

Walter Schnaubelt, in a statement, said he is taking legal advice regarding the actions and comments of Tabali and the false media reports that have emanated.

Schnaubelt denies being involved in any kind of illegal activity that had any relation to the coming national elections.

Kokopo arrests: Election manager confirms documents’ validity

Provincial Police Commander (PPC) Joseph Tabali said the provincial election manager, Joap Voivoi, was called in to confirm the validity of the documents when he was surprised to see tally sheets and electoral roll forms.

Police are now liaising with the Electoral Commissioner for the appropriate charges to be laid against the soldiers.

“PNGDF heads in Port Moresby have been made aware of the situation,” states Tabali.

He adds that they are now waiting on arrangements to be made for the soldiers to return to Port Moresby soon for further questioning.

​Kokopo police intercept flight, detain soldiers

Provincial Police Commander, Joseph Tabali, confirms that this came about after they received information alleging that some soldiers were on the flight upon a candidate’s request.

It was claimed that the flight was sponsored by National Alliance endorsed candidate for Namatanai, Walter Schnaubelt.

All 23 of them disembarked from the plane and were taken to the Kokopo Police Station where they were searched and questioned.

Police found out that three were soldiers of the PNG Defence Force.

Elderly woman killed in tragic ENB accident

A taxi driver, who was allegedly under the influence of alcohol, hit her with his vehicle and dragged her body for at least 20 metres, where she died instantly.

The tragedy occurred at Vitabaur village on Saturday, April 15, at around 6.30pm.

“He was driving at high speed without lights,” Provincial police commander Joseph Tabali told Loop PNG.

“The car was swaying from side to side when it hit the elderly pedestrian, dragged her body then overturned.

“Police attended to the scene, removed the body and took it to the Vunapope hospital.”

ENB schools suspended due to fights

Provincial police commander, Joseph Tabali, revealed to Loop PNG that three different school fights occurred within the space of three weeks.

More suspects in airport heist captured

The Correctional Service and Police Christmas and New Year Operation in East New Britain Province have led to their apprehension.

The suspects, involved in the K1.2 million heist at the Jackson airport, were captured over the weekend (Saturday).

East New Britain Provincial Police Commander, Joseph Tabali, confirmed with Loop PNG that one the suspects, Dermott Vekinap, from Ambunti, East Sepik province, was spotted and caught by ENB Police in a PMV bus at Nonga junction.