John Kapi Natto

Gov’t urged to consider landowners

PRK chairman, John Kapi Natto, stated this during the cheque presentation of K120 million in Legacy Tax Liability to the Internal Revenue Commission yesterday.

 “I think the government sometimes lacks a lot of things to our resource people. We give a lot to this nation and giving back to the resource owners are less. We see roads not built, schools, health centers not built to standard.

“This presentation shows and reflects that we as landowners as a company and many other landowner companies can comply to pay our tax,” he stated.

PNGFA mourns death of goal keeper

PNGFA President John Kapi Natto described the anguish felt at the loss of one so young, one who had his life set out before him.

“We have lost an upcoming player and a true son of Papua New Guinea. One who had football in his heart. Football was his life.

“This is a tragic event – a young man playing for the Laiwaden FC, dreaming of football glory, to be cut down in the richness of youth leaves us all with sore hearts, tears and prayers for Mikes’ family, friends, team-mates, coaches and Laiwaden FC officials.

New era in PNG's football scene

At the beginning of the proceeding, it was confirmed to the congress that all 18 PNGFA member associations were entitled to vote following an MOU signed between John Wesley Gonjuan, John Kapi Natto and FIFA.

Kapi Natto picked up 10 votes to defeat his closest rival John Wesley Gonjuan with 8 votes.

Kapi Natto brings with him a wealth of experience in corporate leadership and sports administration, given that his leadership will be the key to success in soccer going forward.

PNGFA needs reality check: Natto

Kapi Natto said this in response to a statement by John Gonjuan in a daily paper saying the FFPNG does not have running competitions in towns they claim to run.

Gonjuan also said the call for FFPNG Associations to return to PNGFA was still there and they have also urged FFPNG to come and work with the secretariat to iron out compliance issues with affiliates that have sided with FFPNG since its establishment.

Kapi Natto asked in his statement whether Gonjuan had visited areas in which FFPNG had been running competitions.

FFPNG reaches Gazelle

The launch took place on campus with plenty of entertainment and exhibition matches to mark the day.

Student Representative Council President, Jaspar Daun, welcomed FFPNG to UNRE.

“Thank you John Kapi Natto for coming. Sports is another thing that unites people and builds relationships.

“I am proud to announce that UGFA is owned by the SRC of this university and we regard this association as our newborn baby which we will mould and bring up to be a development pathway for the students, the district of Gazelle and East New Britain Province.”

Kapi Natto welcomes Chung’s resignation

Chung, who is also the current President of the PNG Football Association and one of FIFA’s vice presidents, stepped down from his post this week amid accusations of corruption stemming from an audit into a multimillion-dollar project to build a new headquarters for the OFC.

At a press conference yesterday in Port Moresby, Kapi Natto said what has happened has trickled down to the outlook of football in PNG.

Reviving soccer in remote areas

Through its concept of reviving soccer in rural communities, FFPNG is reaching out to local level governments and districts to do just this.

The FFPNG delegation, led by President John Kapi Natto, were in East Sepik Province recently to launch the Sepik Football Association.

This newsroom caught up with the team at Maprik Secondary School where the president had launched the association with the promise of a brighter future for soccer in the district.

Kapi Natto thanks Central Province

Kapi Natto said the province had contributed immensely to the success of Hekari United FC over the years in the likes of players including Kema Jack, David Aua, Leslie Kalai, Tau Winnie and Gure Gabina.

“It’s you the Central players who have made Hekari what it is today. I say that from the bottom of my heart.

“The Central players have got talent that Hekari has used over the years. That’s why the Hekari Central Cup is a way for me and my wife Vonnie to give back to the Central people and keep supporting them.”

Seven-a-side tournament launched by Football Federation of PNG

According to President, John Kapi Natto the competition is more of a pre-season to gather interest from teams for the upcoming National Premier League competition.

To be spearheaded ahead by the Northern and Southern Conference, the tournament will run from March 17-18.

The Northern Conference will host their matches in Lae, while matches for the Southern Conference will be played in Port Moresby.

Kapi Natto said this is the first step forward for the newly established federation to run its competition for the 12 soccer affiliates in the country.



Tkatchenko calls on FIFA to intervene

Justin Tkatchenko said PNGFA president David Chung and John Kapi Natto both have a heart for soccer but unfortunately, they cannot work together and are making the sport fail, affecting players and clubs.

Tkatchenko said the best solution is for FIFA to intervene and say enough is enough.

“FIFA must be concerned with what’s happening in PNG as we are now having two different, separate identities running football,” said the Minister.

“How can sponsors come on board and how can the sport keep moving forward when you got two different groups running the same thing.