PNGFA needs reality check: Natto

Football Federation PNG President, John Kapi Natto, has called PNG Football Association President to do a reality check on what progress PNGFA has made in the last 12 months rather than spread rhetorical fantasies.

Kapi Natto said this in response to a statement by John Gonjuan in a daily paper saying the FFPNG does not have running competitions in towns they claim to run.

Gonjuan also said the call for FFPNG Associations to return to PNGFA was still there and they have also urged FFPNG to come and work with the secretariat to iron out compliance issues with affiliates that have sided with FFPNG since its establishment.

Kapi Natto asked in his statement whether Gonjuan had visited areas in which FFPNG had been running competitions.

Natto said FFPNG has sponsors and runs professionally organised games through the four regional conferences of the country.

He also asked Gonjuan to do a reality check on the progress of PNGFA in the last 16 months, stating PNGFA matches have failed and clubs sent overseas have lost terribly.

He added the standard of soccer had declined rapidly over the last 16 months and the writing is on the wall.

Kapi Natto said the invitation to join PNGFA on face value looks promising but they do not trust the management that was created by David Chung.

He said they welcome the terms of the joinder so they know what they are getting into.

Kapi Natto will be discussing with the 12 presidents the offer but they need the terms of the offer to be clear and certain.

Meanwhile, Kapi Natto has revealed that a FIFA representative was in the country to investigate the current standoff between PNGFA and FFPNG.

He said he met with the FIFA rep and informed him of the current situation.

The FIFA rep arrived in the country after Kapi Natto travelled to the Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) in New Zealand where he delivered a 70-plus page document to investigate allegations against PNGFA.

(Football Federation PNG President, John Kapi Natto)

Cedric Patjole