Ginigoada Foundation

40 graduate from Life Skills Program

The program was held at the Tutu Beach Retreat in Taurama, and Dame Carol Kidu, founder of Ginigoada, expressed her gratitude to those who shared their testimonies of how the program has positively impacted their lives.

Dame Carol emphasized the importance of being in the right mindset and persevering through life's challenges, noting that success is often a slow and difficult process. She also encouraged participants to ignore negative comments from others and keep moving forward.

Financial support for Ginigoada Foundation

The cheque was presented to the Foundation Manager on January 14th by CPL Group Managing Director, Mahesh Patel.

The K141,000 is to assist the foundation’s Financial Literacy training skill program.

Patel said Ginigoada Foundation is doing an immense job of giving second chances to Papua New Guineans to better their living standards, both in rural and urban centres.

“In sponsorship, this is a K141,000 which we do annually and has been going for eight years,” Patel stated.

Ginigoada trains women drivers

The program started in August this year.

Ginigoada Foundation, a non-government organisation, aims to graduate these women drivers in February next year, 2019.

The women are put into batches.

Ginigoada has been able to successfully train and graduate 2 batches comprising of 16 women so far, with 32 more women to train.

The training for a batch is a month-long.

One of the participants, Belinda Paliya, said the training is very good as most times male drivers are very careless.

Two more Meri Seif buses

NCD Governor, Powes Parkop, made the presentation yesterday to Ginigoada Chairman, David Conn, on behalf of NCDC.

Governor Parkop said the Meri Seif Bus program has been a success and they earlier promised to the foundation both buses to continue the program.

Parkop said personally, he did not agree with having only women buses, likening it to segregation. However, he said the attitude of men and youths had to change.

Ginigoada Foundation reaching the unreached

Ginigoada, which means to ‘Stand up Strong’, have programs in Port Moresby, Central province and Lae and the Foundation expects to train more than 14,000 through the Mobile Skills training programs and 1,800 in Short Term Skills Training Courses.

Currently the Foundation has 14 Mobile skills training programs each delivering a 2 week ‘course’ except for Buses 1,6 and 7 which is delivering a month training in different
locations throughout the City in NCD (6) and Lae(6).

Central Province has 2 Bus Programs (6&7).

Ginigoada sets big targets in 2017

With programs running in Port Moresby, Central Province and Lae, Morobe Province the Foundation expects to train more than 14,000 through the Mobile Skills

Training Programs and 1,800 in Short Term Skills Training Courses.

Currently Ginigoada has 14 Mobile skills Training Programs each
delivering a two week ‘course’ except for Buses 1, 6 and 7 deliver a month training in different  locations throughout the City in NCD (6)  and Lae (6). Central Province has  two Bus Programs (6 and 7).

Lae MP urges residents to give back to city

She told 49 graduands of a Ginigoada-run financial literacy training at Ward Two council office, 7th St Lae, that it was time to give back.

The two-week training is the fourth module of training sponsored by City Pharmacy.

Kouza thanked the graduands on Monday, which included two ward councilors; Ward One Kakare Nomane and Ward Two Carol Yawing, and urged all of them to partner with God and help develop Lae.

"With your learning and with partnership with God, you will explode in Lae in its development," Kouza said.

Basic Sewing Course gains interest

The basic sewing course is the second batch which Mother Grace is now delivering training for.  As leader of the Mothers Union in the Anglican Diocese of Port Moresby, Mother Grace has taken it upon herself to conduct life skills training for mothers, youth and all others who want to learn the skills of sewing.

Mother Grace is a certified trainer with the Ginigoada Foundation and Anglicare in Port Moresby.

On her first course which was held specifically for members of the Mothers Union early this year, many turned up including a young man who was taught how to sew.

Ginigoada Foundation see 74 graduate in Markham River area

The graduation followed two weeks of training run by the Ginigoada Foundation to 74 interested member of the community.

The 74 graduates came from  as far as Mare, to the North and Labu Pileh to the South of Potaput.

“I spent K8 a day for two weeks to get this certificate. After these two weeks of  training, I am satisfied that the money was well spent”, student’s representative Charlie Absalom expressed in his remarks.