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Everyday People: Alphonse Rai’ava

He is one of the team leaders in the frontline advocacy team for the COVID-19 vaccine awareness program. His group has been doing very good advocacy work in the Port Moresby South settlement communities.

The National Capital District Provincial Health Authority (NCDPHA) have engaged Rai’ava and his group for COVID-19 vaccine rollout program in the communities. They are part of the Risk Communication & Community Engagement Team, which informs and educates the communities about the pandemic and benefits of vaccination and other health and hygiene messages.

PNG phone counsellors saving lives

A female caller from Lae rang 715-08000, the freecall hotline number. Her violent husband had just stabbed her father and also attacked her mother.

The phone counsellor who took the call quickly provided initial crisis counselling and stayed on the phone. With permission from the caller, two other counsellors tried contacting local organisations, the police, family support agencies and the nearest hospital.

Calls to these organisations rang out so the counsellors contacted a local security firm. A senior guard on call contacted his team nearest to the location to assist.