Education Department

Committee to be set up for TFF

Minister responsible Nick Kuman made the announcement today of the new committee that be responsible for reporting to the minister all matters dealing with TFF.

The Inter-Departmental TFF Steering Committee will also provide oversight and advice to the Education Minister and Secretary on the monitoring of the TFF policy and its implementation.

The TFF Steering Committee will comprise of the departments of Education, Finance, National Planning, Treasury, office of the Prime Minister and a Church and woman rep.

Selection list out for year 11s

The Education Department released the results late last week and parents and students in Port Moresby as well as relatives of students in the provinces have been fronting up at the Fincorp house to check the results.

Loop PNG was at Fincorp house this morning and found a crowd of anxious students and parents busy scanning across the names pinned inside the  building for their names.

Some left with smiles on their faces while others quietly turned and left the list area.

Classes taught in Samoan rile some in American Samoa

The senator Galeai Tuufuli says he has advised the department to seek a law change if the Samoan language is to be used in school instruction.

At the moment English is the formal language of instruction and Samoan can be used for clarification.

There have been claims in parliament some classes are being taught in Samoan.

The government established two committees earlier this year in a bid to establish dual language teaching in American Samoan schools.