Committee to be set up for TFF

The National Executive Council has directed the set-up of what will be called the Tuition Free Fee (TFF) Steering Committee within the Education Department.

Minister responsible Nick Kuman made the announcement today of the new committee that be responsible for reporting to the minister all matters dealing with TFF.

The Inter-Departmental TFF Steering Committee will also provide oversight and advice to the Education Minister and Secretary on the monitoring of the TFF policy and its implementation.

The TFF Steering Committee will comprise of the departments of Education, Finance, National Planning, Treasury, office of the Prime Minister and a Church and woman rep.

Kuman said the NEC has also approved the setting up of the TFF committee at the district level.

A TFF Steering Committee officer will be placed in each province to ensure the money that is sent to the schools is used for the purpose of what it is intended for.

“We are trying to at least improve the management of the money. Over K2 billion was spent over the last four years in TFF alone,” Kuman added.



Sally Pokiton