Steering Committee

​Lupari clarifies his role in steering committee

“The Steering Committee on National Elections was not created overnight,” he says.

“It was set up and utilised by past governments to provide advice to the Electoral Commission on the smooth running of the elections.

“The Committee liaises with the Electoral Commission and brings to the attention of the government issues they face so these can be dealt with in an expedited manner.

“These are mainly funding and administrative issues.”

Lupari says as Chief Secretary, he chairs the Steering Committee.

Committee to be set up for TFF

Minister responsible Nick Kuman made the announcement today of the new committee that be responsible for reporting to the minister all matters dealing with TFF.

The Inter-Departmental TFF Steering Committee will also provide oversight and advice to the Education Minister and Secretary on the monitoring of the TFF policy and its implementation.

The TFF Steering Committee will comprise of the departments of Education, Finance, National Planning, Treasury, office of the Prime Minister and a Church and woman rep.