Court cautions Unitech students

A final year student studying applied physics, a third year science in agriculture student and a second year mechanical engineering student were apprehended with their beer bottles at 5:01am at the Unitech bus stop on Tuesday, May 2nd.

Two of them also received an additional charge of resisting arrest.

When appearing before Magistrate Isaac Tjipet on Friday, May 5th, the trio pleaded guilty and asked the court to have mercy on them as they are students and first time offenders.

Is light drinking while pregnant OK?

It turns out that there's not much research on just how little a pregnant woman could drink without harming her unborn baby, according to a paper published in the journal BMJ Open on Monday.

Moderate drinking may alter brain, study says

Many doctors recommend a glass of wine or beer a night as part of diet plans such as the Mediterranean diet and the DASH diet, which have been proven to keep your heart and brain healthy. However, a new study suggests that even moderate drinking may not be great for your brain.