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Sumgilbar Cooperative embarks on poultry

Former district administrator for Madang Province, Jimmy Sekum is the man behind the establishment of the Sumgilbar Cooperative Society.

The government recently banned importing of chicken into Papua New Guinea, hoping to create a lucrative industry for farmers nationwide. Many provinces, have since then, taken the initiative to embark in poultry, with some locally packaged chicken assortments already in the shops throughout the country.

MP Focuses On Downstream Processing

Given the majority of land and forest, the Minister wants to see more awareness to landowners, so they can participate meaningfully to maximise their benefits. 
“Any partnership going forward must include our people. Most times decisions in the development of the forest sector do not involve the landowners,” Minister Schnaubelt said. 

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PNG ranked 158 in global Gender Equality Index

Papua New Guinea is ranked 158th out of 188 countries in the global Gender Equality Index, with only 2.7% women representation in Parliament.

Gov’t promises incentives in downstream processing

Gov’t promises incentives in downstream processing

In a keynote address to the PNG Mining and Petroleum Conference in November 2015, O’Neill promised that these initiatives would help to broaden the role of PNG’s oil and gas sectors.

“We have to focus beyond exporting raw product and expand focus to the downstream processing of our resources,” he said.

O’Neill said the Government’s own corporations would be required to work closely with the private sector to maximise development opportunities.