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Here are our highlights for the week including X Factor UK’s new season premiering same day as the US on RTL CBS Entertainment. We’re also excited to tell you about TVWAN Life’s two new Filipino dramas Doble Kara and Bridges of Love.

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Friday 9th

A Sister's Nightmare at 5pm on Lifetime

Doble Kara premieres on TVWAN Life

But as luck would have it, she fails to save her mother’s life but ends up getting pregnant. She also learns that Antonio is married, adding salt to the wound. Luckily, her long-time friend and persistent suitor, Ishmael, comes to the rescue and offers to take responsibility for her children.

Have a great Father’s Day with Digicel Play

We’re proud to bring the Intrust Super Cup and the Digicel Cup finals right in the comfort of your home – share this experience with your family and your wantoks wherever you are in PNG.

We also have other interesting programs that will be shown this week on Digicel Play – check them out.

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After finishing in 4th place, the PNG Hunters have earned the right to host their first ever home final this weekend when they face the 5th place Sunshine Coast Falcons on Sunday.

Long weekend family entertainment

Bring the family together or even the community to watch the Digicel Cup, the Intrust Super Cup, the NRL or the different genre of movies highlighted for you this week.

Check out our movie line up for the week we have horror movies like The Apparition and kids’ movies like Hotel Transylvania. We also have our weekly Hunters feature recapping their previous match.

Enjoy a long weekend of family entertainment only on Digicel Play.

26th August at 8:10pm

A Mighty Heart on HBO Signature

Entertaining you everyday

We have everything – from live music to post-apocalyptic horror drama, to documentaries that will leave you questioning what you already know about history. We also have our usual recap of the Hunter’s matches and we summarise the Aliens’ week special on History channel.

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19th August at 10:50am on iConcert

Bryan Adams - Live in Sydney

​Affordable TV for Chimbu

The product was officially launched on Tuesday, July 12, by the Governor of Chimbu Province, Noah Kool.

The official launch of the tower transmission was held at the TNA Supermarket, Digicel Play’s new retail outlet in Kundiawa town. Crowds gathered to witness the opening by the Governor and his Deputy Governor James Kendyagl, Digicel Goroka general manager Peter Chromiec and Simbu local SP PNG Hunters player Nickson Borana.

​Digicel Play strikes a move with local dance competition

The competition, which will run for eight weeks from Saturday, July 9, to Saturday, September 3, provides an opportunity for young hip-hop dancers to showcase their passion and love for the art of urban street dancing in Port Moresby.

Digicel Play CEO Nico Meyer said he was thrilled to team up with The Cosmopolitan to broadcast the talent of young people across the country.

Paramount Joins Digicel Play

Boasting a rich catalogue of movies, Paramount’s film library features everything from box office blockbusters to classic films from the golden age of Hollywood.

The Paramount channel was launched in Spain in early 2012 and has steadily spread around the world, with Papua New Guinea one of the first Pacific nations to welcome the popular new channel.

Digicel Play CEO, Nico Meyer said this new channel will have something for every member of the family.

New dish to help Digicel play users

The two new dishes including one portable and the other a permanent satellite dish are more powerful than the previous dishes.

The 60cm portable dish now half the size of the previous one is much more convenient for local subscribers to purchase and install.

For the newly installed 7.8m Satellite dish which will replace the 3m dish, it will help cover the whole of the Pacific and hence, that satellite will make PNG become a broadcast hub for the Pacific.

Digicel Play’s new satellite dishes, to boost TV viewing

Digicel Play has installed two new satellite dishes at its Gordons headquarters in Port Moresby, as well as a new television studio which will broadcast local content to PNG residents. 

The two dishes, which have taken 18-months to design and develop, will boost coverage of Digicel Play throughout PNG and the wider Pacific region including Fiji, Nauru and Tonga.

Digicel Play CEO, Nico Myer, said the installation of the two satellite dishes was a huge milestone for the broadcaster.