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Yu Em Khax ‘magician’ is touch of class at first audition

“We know it’s just a trick but it blew our minds watching the scarf literally lift from the ground as the magician lifted his hands without physical contact. This is the quality we are looking for,” Simeon has stressed.

The team will be travelling to Lae to scout unique talents from the province this weekend.

“I am expecting more b-boys or break dance crews trying out from Lae because this is where break dancing started. There should also be a lot of acting and at least one or two traditional dances or cotemporary in that matter,” Simeon says.

PNG’s hottest show audition set for Lae

While the first episode aired for the first time last week, talented people all across the country still have time to audition for their chance to become PNG’s next household name.

Port Moresby auditions showcased a diverse and unique pool of talents that included a comedian, magician, singer and a wild card, setting the pace for the rest of the performances to follow. 

Lae will be the next location for budding magicians, singers, dancers and comedians to impress the judges with their performances in each of their respective act categories.

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We have the NBA, the Rugby League 4 Nations, Goosebumps movie and the highly anticipated documentary on CI - The Cult of the Black Jesus. We also have Yu Em Khax news about the audition dates. Watch this space for more Yu Em Khax news.

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Friday 28th

Boston Celtics VS. Chicago Bulls at 5:00pm

LA Clippers VS. Portland Trail Blazers at 7:30pm

Rugby League 4 Nations Live on TVWAN Action

Saturday 29th

New TVWan show set to be game changer

The show, announced last Friday, is set to change the face of talent productions in PNG given its wider variety of acts. 

New Digicel Play’s new production ‘Yu Em Khax’ set to excite

And the starting age to take part production is from 18 years and above.

The first of its kind talent show will showcase and profile Papua New Guineas most talented, unique and brightest entertainers.

The show is expected to be a hit as it will be open to individuals and groups performances in all genres including singers, dancers, musicians, comedians, poets, illusionists and magicians.

Digicel Play CEO, Nico Myer says the show will help to develop and recognize the wealth of talent that exists in PNG and share their stories throughout the country.

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DATE: 14th – 20th October

Watch the Game Shakers on Nick and Talking Tom and Friends on Boomerang. Also don’t miss the back to back Harry Potter movies on Warner. For the big kids who love watching sports, we have the EPCR Champions Cup on TVWAN Action. For those who love watching crime drama series, we have the latest season of Gotham on Warner TV.

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14th on Nick

Game Shakers at 8pm

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Highlights 12th October to 18th October

Time & Date (PGT)


Fri 14-Oct-16 04:40 AM

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Get ready for an exciting week ahead starting with a rugby filled weekend on TVWAN Action. Then switch to Warner TV for the Saturday avo Harry Potter fest and watch back to back movies of the young wizard.

Enter into the weekdays with our daily Filipino dramas on TVWAN Life and end the week with the premiere of the second episode of Arrow season 5.

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Fri 07 at 7:20pm

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Highlights 05th October to 11th October 
Time & Date (PGT)  Fixture 

Fri 07-Oct-16 04:30 PM

Mitre 10 Cup Live 2016 - Wk 08: Canterbury v North Harbour

Sat 08-Oct-16 12:30 PM

Rugby League Samoa LIVE 2016: Toa Samoa vs. Fiji Batis

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Happy 41st Independence Anniversary PNG!

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12:45pmMy Father, My Country

1:45pmAngels of War

2:45pmNew Guinea Patrol