Digicel Play’s new satellite dishes, to boost TV viewing

In what is set to be a win for PNG television viewers, Digicel Play today announced its move to make television programs more accessible to people across PNG and the Pacific.

Digicel Play has installed two new satellite dishes at its Gordons headquarters in Port Moresby, as well as a new television studio which will broadcast local content to PNG residents. 

The two dishes, which have taken 18-months to design and develop, will boost coverage of Digicel Play throughout PNG and the wider Pacific region including Fiji, Nauru and Tonga.

Digicel Play CEO, Nico Myer, said the installation of the two satellite dishes was a huge milestone for the broadcaster.

“Digicel Play is always looking at ways to improve television availability and quality for our viewers and these two dishes highlight this commitment to customers,” he said.

“The two new satellite dishes are more powerful and cost effective than the ones we have used previously, which will help make Digicel Play channels more affordable to access going forward.”

Digicel Play was launched 18 months ago in PNG and provides a wide selection of movies, sports, news and family entertainment across PNG.

To access Digicel Play, customers can purchase a Digicel Play Box package from their local Digicel store for K69.

The new satellite dishes and television studio are located in Gordons.


Picture: Digicel Play’s two satellite dishes newly installed at the Gordons headquarters in Port Moresby.

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