Pacific fashion stamps mark on industry

Body art and clothing were key elements that helped people to socially locate themselves and others.

Fashion continues to be a form of self-expression and identity, and internationally, the industry craves unique designs.

More and more, Pacific designers such as Lautoka-based siblings Moira Solvalu-John and David Solvalu, the driving force behind Fijian label 8Mountains Collection, are providing distinctive designs by tapping into rich Pacific traditions and cultures, which in-turn are demanding international attention.

A rare opportunity for local designers!

This time, it’s the runway in Macau, China, among other international designers.

National Director, Philma Kelegai, has described this as an amazing opportunity “to be catapulted into the world stage of high end fashion”.

She is now making a general call out to interested designers.

Those who secure a space in the local World Supermodel PNG pageant would also be judged separately apart from the contestants on May 6.