World Supermodel PNG

​PNG's Supermodel search is on again!

The search for two entrants to represent PNG in the teen and adult category in May, 2018, at the host venue of the international World Supermodel pageant, China, is well and truly on.

The World Supermodel PNG franchise has two categories, the World Teen Supermodel PNG, ages 16 – 19, and the World Supermodel PNG, ages 20 - 30.

Previous year’s winners were Glendah Sanadah (teen) and Sheilla Yama (adult) who travelled to Macau, China, to participate in the international World Supermodel pageant, competing against 60 other nations.

PNG Fashion Week announces Brand Ambassadors

The models are Sheilla Yama - Miss World Supermodel PNG 2017 and Glendah Sanadah - Miss Teen World Supermodel PNG 2017.

PNG Fashion Week, set to take off for the second time, made the announcement on Friday.

Managing Director for PNG Fashion Week Philma Kelegai said the ambassador title fitted the two top Supermodels.

“With the added experience of walking International Fashion Week in China, both young women are exemplary young Papua New Guineans and a perfect fit for our brand,” she said.

World Supermodel contestants return home

World Supermodel PNG made its debut entry into the international pageant this year.

Representing World Supermodel PNG franchise for the first time also, National Director Philma Kelegai, accompanying models Sheilla Yama and Glendah Sanadah, set foot on the international platform. And with that, PNG’s modelling industry made its appearance on a global stage.

It is a step where the industry will look back to, years from now.

The team of three returned to PNG yesterday, May 30, after a week in Macau, China, for the 10th production of World Supermodel.

World Supermodel crowning tonight

A long journey since the birth of World Supermodel PNG in 2016.

It began with the launch of the national franchise, the spring runway, glamour photoshoots, crown and glamour calendar launch and then the crowning of national representatives to Macau, China.

In a few hours, the judging of 10th World Supermodel begins.

The process begins with preliminary judging for swimwear, preliminary judging for evening wear and pre-judging for one-on-one interviews.

World Supermodel PNG off to Macau – China

The team of three – National Director Philma Kelegai and two finalists – Sheilla Yama for the adult category and Glenda Sananda leave the country todayThey leave on the 9am flight (local time) and arrive in the Philippines at 1pm this afternoon.

The team overnights there and travel to Macau on May 20.

All finalists from over 60 participating countries to the World Supermodel competition are expected to be in Macau, China (host country) by May 21.

PNG Fashion Week appoints new boss

Kelegai is the National Director and Founder of World Supermodel PNG and has been in the fashion and events industry for over 10 years both locally and internationally.

PNG Fashion Week Co-Founder and Director Sally Vuli Napolioni acknowledged the outgoing committee for their hard work and efforts in 2016.

She said it was an honour to work with other Papua New Guineans committed to partnership and entrepreneurship.

A rare opportunity for local designers!

This time, it’s the runway in Macau, China, among other international designers.

National Director, Philma Kelegai, has described this as an amazing opportunity “to be catapulted into the world stage of high end fashion”.

She is now making a general call out to interested designers.

Those who secure a space in the local World Supermodel PNG pageant would also be judged separately apart from the contestants on May 6.

From tom-boy to cover girl; the story of Glenda

She was introduced to drumming at the age of 11 and was more of a tom-boy entering her teens.

“I hated make-up and usually call it shit,” she said.

Fast forward to now, she is a girl in love with modelling and drumming.

In fact, she has become the face of PNG’s first ever glamour calendar.

So what happened?

“My mum signed me for a workshop with World Supermodel PNG,” she said with a laugh.

This international franchise was introduced to the country last year and started recruiting models through its agency arm.

Glamour on the streets

So it came down to braving it or dismissing the idea.

But World Supermodel PNG has grown from nothing, and dismissing was the last thing on the minds of the 13 contestants and their support team.

It took all the courage, says Annette Rondeau, a contestant for the World Supermodel PNG’s teen category.

As part of the judging process, contestants were taken to various locations throughout the city for photo shoot sessions with Silversoul Studios - the official photographer.

Jules Collins is official jeweller for World Supermodel PNG

One name in PNG for breathing life into rocks is Jules Collins.

She was born in the Highlands of PNG but made her name down-south, designing contemporary jewellery for jewellery lovers in Australia since 1994.

Her brand Jules Collins expanded throughout the South Pacific and South East Asia with the opening of her first store in Port Moresby in 2015.

Collins is the official jeweller for the World Supermodel PNG, who unveiled two crowns for the pageant today, May 7.