Department for Community Development

Focus to be on rural populace

Under the guidance of Minister Soroi Eoe, the Department for Youth, Religion and Community Development has been directed to focus on provinces and communities.

Minister Eoe, who is also member for Kikori district, Gulf Province, has volunteered his district to be the guinea pig of the new programs designed to address rural settings.

"I am willing to give my district as the guinea pig where government policies are channeled through. We'll see if there are impacts in gender-based violence, orphanage, sorcery or women and girls’ issues at the rural level," he said.

Dept’s vital role in human rights obligations

National Human Rights Officer, Alithia Barampataz, says DfCDYR must take the lead in fulfilling PNG’s human rights obligations and that is to implement its rectified UN human rights treaties.

Barampataz highlighted that the portfolios under the department play a very big role in policy development, collecting information on the human rights treaty reports.

The portfolios include the disability section, gender development and human rights branch, Lukautim Pikinini Council and family welfare services.

PNG lacks human rights advocacy

Mokono was an active participant at a two-day human rights workshop that ended today in Port Moresby.

She was among 36 participants from various key Government partners, including the Department for Community Development, Youth and Religion (DfCDYR), Foreign Affairs, Justice and Attorney General, Constitutional Law Reform Commission and National Planning.

Mokono said human rights issues in our societies are an everyday occurrence. Responsible stakeholders need to understand the basic human rights and obligations that the country holds to implement policy goals.

Govt officials gain better understanding of UN treaties

Papua New Guinea has ratified six of the core human rights treaties. These include the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women, Convention on the Rights of the Child and Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

The workshop was hosted by the Department for Community Development, Youth and Religion (DfCDYR) in partnership with the UN Office of the Human Rights Commission (UNOHRC).

Department farewells Minister Gore

In a small ceremony witnessed by child protection offices, partners, staff and the media, the department surprised Gore with the farewell function, a tribute video and a gift.

Department Secretary Anna Solomon highlighted the achievements during her term as Minister from 2013 to 2016.

Solomon said the Minister has done a lot in the area of children and has achieved a lot as she is hardworking, visionary, practical, straight forward and a listener.