Department farewells Minister Gore

The Department for Community Development, Youth and Religion on Tuesday, April 18 farewelled its Minister Delilah Gore.

In a small ceremony witnessed by child protection offices, partners, staff and the media, the department surprised Gore with the farewell function, a tribute video and a gift.

Department Secretary Anna Solomon highlighted the achievements during her term as Minister from 2013 to 2016.

Solomon said the Minister has done a lot in the area of children and has achieved a lot as she is hardworking, visionary, practical, straight forward and a listener.

“In her time as the Minister, it has allowed me to perform my duties effectively as a head without fear or favour and allowed my team in the department to also perform,” Solomon said.

Under the Minister’s leadership, the department has seen the passing of the Lukautim Pikinini Act 2015.

The Marriage Act and Matrimonial Causes Act were amended, passed by National Executive Council and now waiting for Parliament to deliberate on.

In terms of policy, under Gore’s leadership, saw the launch of the Child Protection Policy, the Gender-Based Violence Strategy 2016-2025, the National Disability Policy and the Social Protection Policy currently before cabinet.

Solomon said under the Minister’s term, the department went through a restructure to reflect all those important government policies and legislations.

New sections in the department include Informal Economy, Office of Religion, Elderly section, Gender Equality and Social Inclusion section and the media section.

“A lot of what I’ve learnt helped me shape the department to where it is now.

“I had very good political leadership that knew her boundaries and allowed me to perform my duties as an administrator.

“She has presented all her annual management reports for the department from 2013 to 2016 and is leaving on a high note,” Solomon said.

Minister Gore said community development was one area she enjoyed working because before she came to Parliament, she worked with the communities so it wasn’t a new thing.

“I thank the staff and the department for all the support, we all had a good working relationship which helped me a lot because I was a first time parliamentarian at that time when I started.

“It helped build my confidence and this achievement wouldn’t have come about if there was no team work,” Gore said.

This was the final official department event Gore attended as Minister leading up to the issue of writs on Thursday, April 20.

Quintina Naime