Importance of data

DICT Deputy Secretary Policy and Emerging Technology, Flierl Shongol, emphasized the increasing significance of data in the modern world. Shongol pondered on the question "Why is data important?”

"Data has evolved into an asset, becoming the fuel that drives digital government and development. We must recognize that effective data coordination is essential for our modern society", said Shongol signaling a comprehensive approach.

​Data critical in country's growth

A first-of-its kind National Multi Sectoral Data Stock Taking Meeting workshop began on a high note yesterday morning in Port Moresby.

This is the first in a series of meetings that will be held.

The workshop catalyzed the discussions on data, establishing a network of data specialists covering all sectors in the country.

Assistant Secretary – Policy & Budget Development of the Department for National Planning & Monitoring, Christine Aisoli, in her welcome remarks, highlighted the main purpose and importance of the data stocktaking in PNG.

Apple Tracks who you're chatting using iMessage — and shares that data with police

End-to-end encryption doesn't mean that your iMessages are secure enough to hide your trace because Apple not only stores a lot of information about your iMessages that could reveal your contacts and location, but even share that information with law enforcement via court orders.

Where is your data? It's not actually in the cloud, it's sitting in a data centre

Yet despite their emergence as nerve centres of the global economy, data centres have drawn almost no attention in debates about globalisation and nor are they often discussed outside of business and IT publications.

Even the recent debate on the bungling of the digital census managed by the Australian Bureau of Statistics focused on questions surrounding possible distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.

Many of your Android apps send unnecessary hidden data

MIT researchers have determined that "much" of the hidden data sent and received by the 500 most popular Android apps isn't necessary to the functionality. For example, a Walmart app talks to eBay whenever you scan a barcode -- there's no practical difference when you sever that connection. Out of the 47 apps that MIT modified to prove its case, 30 were virtually indistinguishable from the official versions. The rest only had minor issues, like missing ads.

More data needed to study Sea Level Rise

USP Journalism's Duane Mar interviewed Piotrowicz, who said that the ocean information buoy network, called Argo has given priority on data gathering in the South Pacific.

“Vast areas of the South and West Pacific have been either not sampled, or are dramatically under sampled,” he said.

Piotrowicz said that the data regarding changes in temperature and salt levels being recorded at deep sea levels are important in understanding sea level rise but was very limited.